The Founder


Mr. Figueroa is currently the Managing Director of Intuitive, LLC. Intuitive, LLC is a professional services firm specializing in the protection of client’s assets; assisting clients and their attorneys as how to best implement tax structure and legally protect assets to minimize liability risks from litigation. Intuitive, LLC is affiliated with a group of real estate appraisers, broker’s, attorneys, and CPA’s with diversified experience. Mr. Figueroa’s responsibilities include overall corporate strategy, business direction, fundraising, and legal and tax strategy. Mr. Figueroa has over thirty-five years of experience in real estate lending; both private money and conventional, acquisition, development, brokerage, consulting, and business planning strategy. Mr. Figueroa graduated from the University of Arizona in 1973 where he began to develop his knowledge of business, finance, tax, real estate, contracts, foreclosure, and bankruptcy law. Through his business experience he has strengthened his expertise in these fields and continues to expand his knowledge through continuing education courses, and of course, direct experience in each of these fields. Mr. Figueroa became active in the acquisition and workout of distressed properties during the RTC liquidation of failed banks from 1989, where he specialized in both secured and unsecured debt transactions. He has litigated issues in the Justice, Superior, Bankruptcy, Federal, and Appellate Court forums. He continues his activities in this area of Real Estate as a buyer of distressed property and securities/mortgages. Mr. Figueroa founded a private mortgage brokerage and banking company in 1980 and owned an FHA/VA mortgage banking company.  In 2002 he founded and was the chairman of Western Associates Development Company, LLC, Western Recovery Services, LLC and Coronado Ranch Estates; which developed and syndicated properties with a value over $100,000,000. In his philanthropic and community activities, Mr. Figueroa has served on The Naval Warfare Foundation (Navy S.E.A.L.S.) Investment Committee Chairman and currently (2012) is a Member of The Navy S.E.A.L. Advisory Board as an Ambassador, Board Member of the Goodwill Mission to China Foundation (where he is also Treasurer), The Vatican Observatory Foundation, as a Trustee, The Tucson Police Foundation, and is the manager of Tucson Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial arts academy.  Mr. Figueroa, also currently serves as a small claims judge in Pima County. In the recent past, Mr. Figueroa served the advisory board of the Yangtze International University in Nanjing, China, the University of Arizona Student Government Association and the Armory Park Neighborhood Association (served as Treasurer). Mr. Figueroa has also lectured at the University of Arizona, University of San Diego, and Pepperdine Law Schools and has had a radio show on VoiceAmerica entitled “Strategies for Financial Survival”. 

Company Philosophy

 At Intuitive Strategies we believe that through sharing a high quality product and service through a transparent education with our clients, we are allowing them to not only improve their business or personal financial situation but that through every individual that we help to develop a strategy to succeed, we help bring an improvement to our community, and on a larger scale, an improvement to our nation and that is where the real value is in it for us. It's about helping individuals and businesses to create strategies for a successful business practice which will create jobs and bring real value to communities no matter where they are located in the nation. You know the old proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” that is how we view our duty to our clients. 

Company Mission

 We know that when individuals come to us, they already have a skill- whether they are carpenters, mechanics, developers, small business owners, etc. Our mission is to make sure that your business is structured in a way that can and will maximize your potential. That encompasses everything from online marketing strategies, tax planning, business structuring, asset protection planning or retirement planning. We are going to make sure that we do everything we can to make your business successful and ensure you are protected from the wolves that are out there.  Our founder, Michael N. Figueroa, will be a good mentor because he has lived through all the ups and downs, built fortunes, lost them, and rebuilt them. So the advice and guidance that we offer at Intuitive Strategies is not from some book that you can buy at your college book store, its advice that has been learned through a life time of real world experience. To put it simply, our mission is to guide you, protect you, and make sure that you are going to be able to secure your dream for retirement and enjoy the life that you deserve.