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2 years, 2 months ago

Validation, that vital step!

Truth be told, OnwardPacks started as a senior thesis. With a team of 4, we created the business model from scratch, along with our backpack designs and giving model. It was an academic lesson, but when I launched in June, I found that I done so much research that the transition from academic to reality wasn’t a hard one. Let me break down the business model for you:

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Jack Hall - Contributor

2 years, 3 months ago

Entrepreneurship and Backpacks that Give-Back

When I started college, I had no intention of starting a business. I built my resume over my four years at the University of Arizona. I did the multiple internships that would help me land the corporate job, and I graduated with 5 different job offers. No joke. It was exactly what I wanted and exactly what I had worked for.

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Jack Hall - Contributor

Jack Hall

Contributor ,  CEO - Onward Packs

"Sellin' packs, giving back!"

U of A grad

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