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1 year, 12 months ago

Rate My Teammate

Working with the McGuire Teams recently, I came up with a website I want to build. There have been many occasions that I have had to select a team to work with on a project without any background information on any of the members. This is absured, why am I making a decision that will affect me for the length of this project when I have so little to base this decision on? Assigning a team is just as stupid. The entire class is worse off than if members selected their own teams. When you have background info on some of your choices, you can select people that you work well with. 

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Will Farley - Webmaster

2 years ago

Pickaxe for a Gold Rush

During a gold rush in the 1800’s there were people who made fortunes. Others were left empty handed. They were too late or just unlucky, whatever the reason, they worked very hard but gained nothing. It’s likely you’ve encountered a similar situation. You pursue a great idea only to find that there have been thousands, or millions of other people who’ve done the same. There will always be situations like these and I’ve found that it is a good idea to avoid investing in these “good ideas”, but not completely.

Instead of thinking “here’s a great idea, how do I get in?”, take a moment to consider the likelihood that someone else has thought of this before you, how many before you? Is there a certain group of people who may have had access to this information before it reached your ears? Then determine the chance that one of these people acted upon this idea. If it is such a great idea then it seems likely that there are other people invested already. Is the idea as lucrative now, after estimating the competition? After considering these questions I usually find that the idea is not worth chasing. I might have also just concluded that this is a great idea and that I know for certain there will be a lot of people competing over this. So, “what product or service will someone who hears about this idea need to be able pursue it?”

There was a group of people that did very well during a gold rush, regardless of luck. They were the stall owners who sold pickaxes outside of the gold mines. They never had to mine an ounce of gold to find their fortunes. I try to apply their logic whenever I run into a gold-rush-like situation.

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Will Farley - Webmaster

Will Farley

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