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20/12/2012 @ 3:02PM

There is nothing worse then having to work with someone who plays tit for tat games, behaves in a spiteful manner, and is untrustworthy- you know the type of individual that you have to have sign 50 agreements in order for them to do the right thing. Nobody wants to work with someone like that.. In other words, don’t be a sensitive drama queen- KEEP IT REAL- treat people how you want to be treated, do not take or expect anything that you did not work for, admit when you make a mistake, and do whats right whether its in a signed contract or not.

I am just going to go ahead and be really blunt here- The second I notice that an individual acts out of spite, plays the little ‘you hurt my feelings so I am not talking to you games’, one of the following will then occur:

  1. This person will find that their employment will come to an abrupt halt
  2. All of their responsibilities will be slowly taken from them and when the time is right they will be completely removed from the organization
  3. There will never be another opportunity for the individual to work in any organization that I am involved with-ever.

Harsh? Maybe, but look- in business things are real and if someones immature attitude is holding up the operation of the business then they have to be removed and as quick as possible. As a business owner you need your organization to move and move fast, your products need to move so income is brought in so that your employees get paid, and so that you can grow your business in a manner to provide you with the lifestyle that you want. And nothing is more of a nuisance than having non Real Dude’s immaturity hold up your operation- hence they gotta go. Sorry dude.

It’s simple. So simple. Be a Real Dude- Do what you say and say what you mean. Don’t pretend to know something you don’t, if you screw up don’t hide it.... Just apologize and make an effort to fix it. Never behave in a spiteful manner, people are going to offend you, big deal, put your pants on and get over it. Don’t sit around and try and ride someone’s coattails because you don’t want to get your hands dirty and expect equal benefits from someone else’s work. Don’t behave like some arrogant know it all because trust me- nobody knows everything.... Like I said, its simple.. Keep it real and people will love you and opportunities will pop up... Do the opposite and you’ll find yourself in a metaphorical box with caution tape and a sign that say’s ‘Danger- over sensitive and difficult to work with. Maintain minimum 100 yard distance’.

Be a Real Dude and maybe just one day you and i’ll catch a brew (FYI I am a Hefewizen guy) at some sand bar at some undisclosed beach somewhere in this beautiful world because our keepin’ it real paid off.

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