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1 year, 10 months ago

Be a Real Dude. Dude

There is nothing worse then having to work with someone who plays tit for tat games, behaves in a spiteful manner, and is untrustworthy- you know the type of individual that you have to have sign 50 agreements in order for them to do the right thing. Nobody wants to work with someone like that.. In other words, don’t be a sensitive drama queen- KEEP IT REAL- treat people how you want to be treated, do not take or expect anything that you did not work for, admit when you make a mistake, and do whats right whether its in a signed contract or not.

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Coy Vernon - Contributor

1 year, 12 months ago

Rate My Teammate

Working with the McGuire Teams recently, I came up with a website I want to build. There have been many occasions that I have had to select a team to work with on a project without any background information on any of the members. This is absured, why am I making a decision that will affect me for the length of this project when I have so little to base this decision on? Assigning a team is just as stupid. The entire class is worse off than if members selected their own teams. When you have background info on some of your choices, you can select people that you work well with. 

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Will Farley - Webmaster

2 years ago

Friends, Family, and Business Partners

Building the right team is everything, in fact, based on my own experience I would say that it is better to just go it alone then to be stuck with the wrong team. There are so many issues that can come with being stuck with the wrong people. It may not be a big deal in the beginning but down the road when your business may actually be worth something a buy out can be a huge issue- that is when having the wrong partner definitely becomes a big deal. Having the right team can mean the difference between your venture becoming worth millions or just simply fizzing out. Just because an individual may be a good friend or a family member does not by any means mean that they will be a good business partner and just because they are not a good business partner for you does not mean that they are a bad person or not a good partner for someone else, there are a lot of different things that factor into finding the right business partner.

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Coy Vernon - Contributor
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