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18/11/2012 @ 7:42PM

"It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being subject to half of the evils we anticipate than to remain in cowardly listlessness for fear of what might happen"~ Herodotus

My first business venture started out as a proposition from my father while I was working in California. He was basically fed up with his job and wanted to see if I would be willing to get my contractors license, he told me that if I was willing to do that he would make me a partner in his business. So I thought, cool, I am really not to interested in anything that was related to my field of study in school (political science). So I immediately started studying for my contractors license during my last semester of school. It was some super long days- work, go to school, study for school, then go to the contracting center to study for my license.  At this point I really had no clue about how to start a business- I never studied business, I had no idea what a business plan was. If you had said the terms Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization, Pension Plan, or any other important document or plan relating to structuring a business I would have been clueless. At this point I did not even know what the acronym LLC stood for- I majored in political science not business. All that I really knew was how to work hard, learn fast, and that if you sit around procrastinate nothing will ever happen. So there I was not a clue in the world as to what I was doing but I guess you could say I was following Richard Branson’s mantra of “screw it lets do it”, he’s successful so he must be doing something right- Right?

So when I structured my first business with my father, V-Spear Plumbing and Water Systems, (V-Spear is my dad’s cattle brand that he is obsessed with) I really had no idea where to start. I did not know what documents I needed to file, how to fill the documents out when I got them- I didn’t even know where to file them after I filled them out, and navigating the nightmare of getting  your contractor’s license was a nightmare unto itself.. So I did what any creative young dude would do- I jumped on google and typed in the words “starting your first business” after a few hours of sifting through a bunch of random sights I came upon the site Legal Zoom, I had heard about this company before from a good friend. I read through their site found out I needed to file this thing called Articles of Organization for something else called a Limited Liability Company (LLC). So there I was now a co-owner of a business with my father - and really had no clue what any of the documents I had just filed really meant or what their importance is. When I received my operating agreement in the mail I really had no idea what to do with it.. Man was I clueless.. But hey if I wasn’t willing to jump in and just get it done my only other option was to accept my fate as an employee and spend a life settling for less, right?

What I am really getting at here is that it is completely up to you to make things happen- no one, no one will do it for you. Excuses won’t matter. If YOU are not willing to shoulder the risk and do not take the steps to make YOUR business happen, the world will just pass you up and in your old age you will find yourself sitting thinking- What if? So as Herodotus said- be bold.

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