Strategies for Financial Survival with Micheal Figeuroa


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About The Host

Michael Figueroa was born in New York City and raised in Easton, PA. He moved to Tucson Arizona in 1969 to attend the University of Arizona to begin his studies, initially in Chinese language and history, later business and law. In Tucson, Michael worked as a law clerk for a private attorney, an insurance salesman, a real estate title company salesman, and obtained his real estate agent and brokers license in 1980. He formed and grew a private mortgage banking company that was severely hit by the 1987 recession. Michael then experienced multiple lawsuits due to all the issues that arise when a business goes bankrupt. In the 1990s, he self-educated himself how to buy properties in foreclosure, bankruptcy, IRS and estate tax sales, and how to buy and sell judgments. Michael has been involved in hundreds of foreclosure sales. By 2000 as the economy improved, he syndicated and subdivided land in to building lots and helped to create a development company that raised in investor and bank capital over $100,000,000. This was unfortunately also hit by the recession of 2007 that we are still in. In his philanthropic and community activities, Michael has served on the Naval Special Warfare Foundation (Navy SEALs) where he currently sits as an ambassador on the advisory board. He is also a member of the Tucson Police Foundation, manages a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy, and served on the advisory board of the Yangtze International University in Nanjing, China.

About The Show

Our show is about teaching you to take command of your life, your survival, and how you can educate yourself so that you are able to take care of yourself and your family. Education methods include provoking a thought process - an inquiry of your resolve to educate yourself in some manner in order to survive through tough financial times; getting people to think that if they lose their job, they can educate themselves in a way that allows he or she to survive. Financial Survival discussions help you to see what you are good at and how to grow it and make it happen. We will talk not only about real estate, but many other topics, which are aimed at helping individuals to learn how to survive in the future, while lending the ability to teach themselves and educate themselves like many others have done. We’ll help you find the tools to make it through hard times, no matter what your field. Strategies for Financial Survival is broadcast live every Friday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.