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Validation, that vital step!

Truth be told, OnwardPacks started as a senior thesis. With a team of 4, we created the business model from ... read more

Entrepreneurship and Backpacks that Give-Back

When I started college, I had no intention of starting a business. I built my resume over my four years ... read more

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Sellin' packs, giving back!

U of A grad

Onward Packs

OnwardPacks sells backpacks that give towards elementary school students here in the USA. When a customer purchases a pack, we take a portion of the proceeds and use it to purchase tangible items. We then give these tangible items to elementary schools here in the US. We offer our customers a choice of how we'd like to give. There are 3 categories of giving: Sports, the Arts, and Books. 
We partner with businesses in order to stretch our customers dollars, and also with schools so we can be sure that they are getting the items they need! Why would you buy just a backpack, when you can buy one that gives back?